Lessons Learned from George Floyd

pink flowers

To remain in unity with as many as possible, I must let my heart be examined. So I will join this conversation—friends, let me grieve with you and learn from you.

Here are some of the thoughts I have kept as we've been processing the tragedy and unrest.

  1. To assume one has nothing in common with another is to believe a great lie.
  2. No leader, pastor, activist, or any person can eliminate the problem of racism. Each new generation must decide how people should be valued.
  3. It is unhelpful to say, "But I am not a racist". This removes oneself from the greater conversation and discards opportunities for reconciliation.
  4. For organizations, pledges of inclusion should contain actionable steps that employees can participate in.
  5. A commitment to inclusion can be just as beneficial for one's own culture as it can for marginalized cultures.
  6. As an imperfect man, I am most certainly not above racism. Intolerance is part of the disobedience I must daily surrender to God.
  7. I love myself to a near-obsessive degree. And still, I am commanded to love my neighbor as myself.

I encourage anyone not to let this season simply pass by, as if waiting out a storm. Reach out in boldness and care for those who especially need it, and see if your life doesn't change in the process.

Updated Jun 8, 2020.